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Kylie Hendy
Kylie Hendy, founder of Mind Body Connections. Qualified Massage Therapist (Remedial Massage & Pregnancy Massage), Reiki Practitioner and Kinesiologist in Baulkham Hills
Founder of Mind Body Connections
Qualified Remedial Massage Therapist
Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage
Practitioner of Holistic Kinesiology

Health Fund Accredited for Remedial Massage, with all major Private Health Funds,  including AHM, NIB, HCF, MBF, Medibank Private and BUPA.
My Story - 

I have always loved working with my hands. Having a kinesthetic learning style, I started my career in hospitality, working my way up from Kitchenhand to Sous Chef in the kitchen. 

18 years later, I decided to have a career change. My love of working with my hands and people has continued, with a focus on Health and Wellbeing.

I am passionate about life, continued learning and helping people. Hence, how my interest in connecting the mind and body evolved into a career in Holistic Therapies

Having a proactive approach to helping people solve problems, a naturally positive, supportive and empathetic nature, I found my way into Kinesiology. I have been a qualified Holistic Kinesiologist and Brain Gym Instructor since 2008.


Qualified Massage Therapist, specialising in Remedial Massage, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Remedial Massage and Acupressure Reflexology Massage. 

Extensive experience, treating Pregnancy Massage







Targeted style of massage, which helps relieve specific areas of muscle tightness and pain. 

Emphasis on deep tissue massage and acupressure reflexology massage.


30 min | $75

60 min | $95

90 min | $130

Selective Health Fund rebate available for Remedial Massage, with all major Private Health Funds in Australia. This includes NIB, HCF, MBF, Medibank Private and AHM. 

Kylie Hendy, Qualified Remedial Massage Therapist, Mind Body Connections in Baulkham Hills
Kylie Hendy, Qualified Pregnancy Massage Therapist, Mind Body Connections in Baulkham Hills


A therapeutic bodywork, that focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be, as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy.


​Pregnancy Massage promotes relaxation, improved circulation and mobility in relieving muscle and joint pain.

75 min | $120



Relax the body & unwind the mind. 

Relaxation massage is great for relieving stress and body fatigue.

30 min | $75

60 min | $95

90 min | $130








Kinesiology uses a unique mix of complementary therapies and muscle monitoring to release physical, mental and emotional stress

1st Consult - 90 min | $140

Subsequent - 60 min | $120


Reiki promotes wellbeing and balance of the mind, body and spirit. 

60 min | $120

Kinesiology & Reiki

What are Client's say

KELLY, Lane Cove

Who knew Reiki Healing would feel so good? Reiki takes me to my happy place of Zen. I feel balanced, centred and calm, after each session.

 Would highly recommend Reiki for busy minds like me...  Kylie you have a knack for working wonders!

JIMMY, North Sydney

Kylie is an excellent Reiki Practitioner. I have been going to see her since 2012. 


I remember one time when I was in severe stress and after my Reiki session, I literally felt like a million dollars!!! It was like all the weight was suddenly lifted off my shoulders.

AMY, Mosman

I suffered chronic back and neck pain when i first went to see Kylie. She did the impossible, unwinding the knots in my body.

Using a combination of Reiki & Remedial Massage, she worked her magic. I felt movement back in my neck after that first session.

When you go see someone like Kylie who is qualified and highly experienced, it changes your quality of life. That night, I slept like a baby.

Great recommendation by my friend Jimmy. I can see why you have been going for many years. Definitely a hidden gem, when it comes to finding a Qualified Massage Therapist in the Hills district.

GAVIN, Artamon

I recently went to Mind Body Connections with a very bad back. I was unable to walk for a few days before. I had an hour treatment that relieved my pain. Kylie found muscles in places I never knew were in pain!

The treatment was very effective and a few days after, my back was feeling 100 times better. I would highly recommend Kylie for treatments. I found the office really easily and found the ambiance to be highly professional and friendly. 

DAVID, Artamon

Kylie is really helpful in providing the necessary support to boost my self esteem. She is both caring and direct in her approach to getting the necessary results.




When I first saw Kylie, I struggled with walking due to Plantar Fasciitis and Arthritis in both feet.


After my first session, I walked out feeling like I was walking on air.


Not only had Kylie physically relieved my pain, but we also talked through the emotional block that was heeding my recovery.


Kylie truly has miracle hands.

  • Kinesiologist (Educational & Holistic RAW)

  • Remedial Massage

  • TCM Acupressure

  • Reflexology

  • Pregnancy Massage Therapist 

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • Brain Gym TM Instructor

  • Oncology Massage

Kylie is a highly sought after physical therapist - combining her healing talents with astounding results - remedial care, disability patients, carers, sportspeople, chronic conditions, rehabilitation and pain management, anxiety patients, those with learning disabilities including children.


She has a reputation for supporting pregnant women through to and beyond their delivery.

Kylie's naturally positive and empathetic nature, extensive multi-disciplinary training (including chiropractic / athletic / chronic condition / disability support / pregnancy support / TCM Traditional Chinese, lymphatic & acupressure therapies / Reiki energy healing), experience and her proactive approach to helping people solve problems, is her greatest asset.

KYMBERLY, Baulkham Hills

(March 2018)

When I decided on a permanent lifestyle change i knew I couldnt do it alone. I was in constant pain in my feet and lower back due to my weight. I was eating healthy and exercising.  I struggled repeatedly with my pain and emotional setbacks with my eating. 


I first saw Kylie at Mind Body Connections for a massage/healing to relieve my pain. I walked away from that session on cloud nine. Kylie worked with me on an emotional level so i could understand the ways I was sabotaging my weightloss.


I've had a number of sessions with Kylie over the last 2 years and with every session I have left not only feeling in charge of my emotions but have left with a new technique (a superpower) to deal with the little moments of struggle.


My sessions with Kylie and understanding the emotional side to eating is one of the reasons for my success with losing weight.



Unit 2/27 Terminus Street

Castle Hill Hills NSW 2154

** All bookings by appointment only **

Contact Kylie on 0402 736 662

Opening Hours

Tues  9am to 5pm

Wed  9am to 7pm   

Thur  9am to 7pm

Frid   9am to 5pm

Sat    8.30am to 4pm

Closed Sun & Mon

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